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Are you ready to find your authentic voice? To really sound yourself, speak your truth, listen deep and hear yourself without judging? Are you ready to embody your voice, express yourself, sing from your soul, in ways you never imagined possible?

What is a Voiceline and Why Have One?

A Voiceline offers you a unique opportunity within which to build the confidence, the creative expression and the tools for conscious communication, and courageous conversations. This confidential vocal session gives you a profound and immediate experience of your unique sound and authentic voice. You can do this either as a 1-1 Consultation or as a series of Voicelines. 

Book a 1-1 Consultation (Zoom call) with Chloë Goodchild, or one of her Team, and discover the transforming power of your voice in just 30 or 60 minutes. Your voiceline(s) will introduce you to the core Naked Voice sound awareness skills, including deep listening, meditations, energy movement and conscious communication practices. 

Voicelines Are Moving To A New Level!

Due to the increasing popularity of this Voiceline experience, Chloë has invited her certified Naked Voice Facilitator Team to meet this new demand. We are very excited that you now have access to a much more diverse range of Voiceline facilitators. The Voiceline Journeys below are designed to respond to the needs of genuine inquirers, as well as those looking for a more in-depth experience. If you are considering training as a NV Facilitator this is a great place to start as well.


Ignite, Imagine, Evolve - Which Voiceline Journey is the one for you?

We are delighted to offer 3 voiceline journeys – Ignite, Imagine & Evolve. Our wonderful new Voiceline Team will be at your service to facilitate Ignite and Imagine voiceline journeys.


Ignite or Imagine with a Voiceline Facilitator

Click here to book your NEW voiceline journey with a Voiceline Facilitator. There you will find more details about the most suitable Facilitator for you. Please contact them directly to discuss which of these two journeys is the best for you. You will also arrange your Voiceline and payment directly with them.

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* Download Your Naked Voice Introductory Audio Training here.

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* UK/European students can order Awakening Through Sound CDs from our Shop.

U.S. and other overseas students can order the CDs from Sounds True.

A download of the material, minus the DVD, is available from Sounds True here.

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* Chloë's Shift Network online courses can be accessed here (scroll down to section).

Chloe's book The Naked Voice - Transform Your Life through the Power of Sound is available worldwide from online sellers.

Chloë will facilitate the Evolve journey for you, designed specifically for:

  1. Naked Voice Facilitators

  2. Naked Voice Facilitator Trainees

  3. Committed practitioners, who have worked with Chloë over a significant period, studied her book, and/or who have completed a Shift Network Online Course or Residential retreat.

Booking A Consultation with Chloë

If you are seriously considering working with your voice in more depth, you can book a one-off one hour session with Chloë to discuss your questions and your unique direction. For example:

  • to explore the vocational role of voice in your life

  • to consider The Naked Voice Facilitator Training

  • to discover new insights for your own voice research and practice.

Booking Evolve & Consultation

To book for Evolve please check our Events page for upcoming Voiceline dates, and contact Tim Chalice in the Naked Voice office for Evolve and Consultation availability. Please pay below.

Your Unique Voiceline

There are as many ways to approach a Voiceline as there are people.

Each person brings a unique story. The story of your voice, how you feel about your voice, its message, its emotional tone, range, and resonance, your relationship with speaking, singing and silence – these all reveal the essential information and starting point for your Voiceline.

Preparing For A Voiceline

To prepare yourself think about what most matters to you in your life, and what you most want to express. How do you feel about your voice? What do you most love about it, what remains hidden, and what is longing to be heard. It is helpful to bring a question about your voice. You will be surprised by how easy it is to express your true self, once you simply listen to the sound inside you, letting it become your teacher.



"The voiceline was an utterly life-transforming 30 minutes!"

Chloë instinctively took me to exactly where I have been avoiding going with my voice for a number of years and since then, I have been experiencing a breakthrough both with my voice and with songs flowing. I am still integrating and amazed.

- Vaishnavi

"Chloë is a voice whisperer..."

…through compassionate listening she encourages me to re-connect with my Soul’s true voice, a deep inner knowing I thought was gone.

- Stephanie

" of the best gifts I have given myself

Over the past year I have given the most wonderful gift to myself, the very personal gift of Voicelines with Chloë.  These have helped me find clarity with my life direction and I am subsequently making changes in my life path.  While I have participated in many of Chloë’s workshops which have greatly supported my journey of growth, I have found that the Voicelines offer a more personal space to listen deeper and breakthrough self-limitation in the many guises of ego.  Voicelines with Chloë have been one of  the best gifts I have given myself. 

- Olivia

My Voiceline session has changed my life in many ways" 

I was so excited at finding my voice I immediately went to see our choir mistress who was so surprised she moved me from Alto 3 to Soprano 1. My confidence has not only soared in my singing but has spread into many aspects of my life. To sing as I get up in the morning fills me with joy. It is such a wonderful start to the day! 

- Patsy

"With these online 3 sessions the impact has been profound"

“I love your work! With these online 3 sessions the impact has been profound. I’m listening to the silence all over the place and it has so much to say! I feel like your work has increased my sensitivity, my listening skills, how I am in relationship and I’m sure much more that I’m not even aware of.”

– Susie

"Just had my call with Chloë and it was amazing"

"The best few minutes I've ever experienced online - no fluff - great presence and soul connection...I received exactly what I needed in the moment. I have struggled with a blocked throat chakra, the feeling of every time I wanted to create  a  recording, my voice disappeared to the back of my throat. I got immediate release from this lifelong stuckness as I got a deeper understanding of voice and where it is coming from.  So grateful I followed my intuition and booked a call."

- Mary

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