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Sawyer Hall, Christ Church, Nailsworth
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Awaken Your Naked Voice: Transform Your Life Through Sound with Your Musical Mind

Saturdays 7th October, 11th November & 9th December

Sawyer Hall, Christ Church, Newmarket Rd, Nailsworth, GL6 0DQ.

Welcome everyone to this 3-part Journey with your authentic voice, designed for new inquirers and experienced facilitators alike. I am a voice medicine healer, singer, author and founder of The Naked Voice. I have been researching the wisdom of the human voice and sound all my life. Your voice has its own unique DNA sound signature. There is not another voice on the planet like yours. I call it your ‘naked’ voice, and it ignites the music of your Soul,  bypassing your self-conscious, egoic mind or personality voice. Your naked voice empowers you - not only to re-build confidence in your authentic sound - but to discover your sound as a superpower of creativity, courage & compassion, transforming your busy mind games into conscious communication, freeing you up to express your intuitive heart with insight.


Your ‘musical mind’ activates awareness of the vibration, energy, emotional tone and sound frequencies flowing through your body-heart-mind. It provides you with new listening capacities to hear and to sound yourself without judging. Self-inquiry, body-centred singing maps, sound codes, energy movement, healing melodies, mantras & musical modes are designed to provide simple, supportive, access into the ‘inner music’ of your Soul. Your musical mind empowers you to hear, to feel, and to reveal the your original ‘naked’ song of your Soul - your sovereign voice. Magic melodies, devotional chants, mystical love poetry and simple recurring songlines all assist to bypass the rational mind empowering you to embody your voice freely without fear, shame or blame. Shared sound and silence synchronise the unique vibration, energy and frequency of your sound into a harmonic resonance and loving presence.


This journey to the source of your sound is medicine for the Soul, and will empower your true expression in the world, with joyous vocal energy, & practice to access a deeper listening & embodiment of your true purpose NOW.

Please note you can book for 1, 2 or all 3 parts of this journey. Scroll down to book... 

7 October 2023

Awaken Your Naked Voice - Transform Your Life through Sound with Your Musical Mind: Embody Your Voice

In this first session you will remember the simple ease and joy in giving and receiving sound, as you ‘come home’ to a renewed appreciation of your unique voice. You will discover the foundational Naked Voice core practices that enable you to really receive and acknowledge, ground and awaken your unique sound, strengthening your energy field and activating awareness of your whole body as a field of sound consciousness. 

11 November 2023

Awaken Your Naked Voice - Transform Your Life through Sound with Your Musical Mind: Express Your Soul

In this second session, we will explore how your naked voice holds a unique key to the door of your soul, enabling you to access and express a new language of consciousness, of wisdom and compassion. We will introduce you to new practices, musical templates, vocal patterns, rhythms and energy movement frameworks that reveal the sacred geometry of your ‘musical mind’.

9 December 2023

Awaken Your Naked Voice - Transform Your Life through Sound with Your Musical Mind: Empower Your Life

In this third session, we are going to explore how Embodying and Expressing your naked voice inevitably leads to Empowering your Life. Contrary to what your academic education system would have you believe, the feelings arising from your intuition sourced from your soul, inevitably energise and empower you to anchor, stabilise and embody truth from a depth of living presence and a chemistry of being, that empowers your very own authentic language of Love, spoken, sung and silent. We will focus our attention on Standing in the Presence an empowering practice that transforms our relationship with life. 

Chloë Goodchild is founder of The Naked Voice, a pioneering vocal training, founded in 1990, exploring voice as a spiritual practice, sustained by conscious core practices, devotional music, and audio-books that empower you to embody and express your authentic voice. Chloe’s seminal book, The Naked Voice – Transform Your Life through the Power of Sound (North Atlantic Books, 2015) provides a comprehensive & instructional account of the essential Naked Voice wisdom of sound. Chloe is a faculty member and author for The Shift Network and Sounds True. 


Please book in advance for these workshops. We invite you to pay what you can afford from the options below. For the Autumn workshops we have created four payment options: 

Supported, Standard, Supporter & Sponsor.

Please scroll down and make sure you select the correct date and appropriate payment option.

Please note

We plan to start at 11am sharp so please arrive from 10.30am to give you time to park and settle in. Please bring a packed lunch, or shops and cafes are available close by. Teas will be available too. Please bring a water bottle and layers for warmth. We will send out an email to all participants a few days before the workshop with any final information.

Workshop payments are non-refundable. 

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