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Find A Facilitator

Our highly trained Naked Voice Facilitator graduates are a worldwide network providing Introductory workshops and 1-1 mentoring sessions. They each provide their own unique expression of the NV philosophy and practice, inspired by their diverse life experience. They will guide you to discover your authentic voice and to express your truth in new ways. 


To connect with them click on the flags above. They are available to work online globally or in person in the UK, Canada, Ireland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the USA. 

The Naked Voice - Singing Field: A Way of Transformation
Rolf Billes - NV Facilitator Graduate

Become A Facilitator
To become a NV Facilitator is a vocational calling. It requires a minimum of 2 years apprenticeship. 
To find out more about becoming a Naked Voice Facilitator, download our Facilitator Training document, This charts the 3-stage programme and includes estimated costs. 
If you wish to train as a NV facilitator, participating in a Naked Voice Retreat with Chloe, is your first point of entry. It provides you with an understanding of the core principles of non-judgemental listening and self observation (the witness).

Download the new Facilitator Training Application Form here.

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