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Living Presence: A Community of Sound

An Online Ongoing Membership

***Now updated with new membership levels from January 2023***

We invite you to co-create this sonorous, pioneering, collaborative, deep listening field: Living Presence – A Community of Sound. Living Presence is an experiential laboratory for new sound research, providing a new focus on the medicinal nature and power of the human voice to heal the heart and soul. Music, mode and mood is accessible to all, it is the human and non-human expression of things: it ignites the spirit of the individual. No longer are you to be lost or overlooked by institutionalised or performance-driven music education methods, but you are invited to be here, with the sound and the silence of your origin. 


Click here for more detailed information & membership levels: Community, Catalyst & Co-Creator.

Participants can join this ongoing membership at any time and join an inspiring, international community.


To watch a sample recording and get a sense of how a session might unfold please click here.

16 May 2023 

Give Voice to Your Truth:

Experience the “Octave of Consciousness” to Access Your Inner Authority & Cultivate Healing

Free Online Event

In this soul-nourishing event, Chloë will guide you through The Sovereign Sounds of Love, an experiential practice that will take you through what she terms “The Octave of Consciousness” — eight energy levels of the human body supported by a body-centered singing map and accompanied by vocal sounds and energy movements. This practice is designed to help you transform your relationship with your vocal expression, so you can experience and express your unique voice as the mouthpiece and messenger of your soul. Although this date has passed you can still click here to register for free and receive the recording. 

7 June - 26 July 2023 

Open Your True Voice: Awaken Your Inner Authority & Access the Field of Love Through Vocal Alchemy With Your Unique Sound Signature

7-Week Online Course with The Shift Network

Embody your whole voice as the mouthpiece and messenger of your life’s true purpose and ignite the transformative potential of your authentic vocal expression. Activate healing, feel your interconnectedness and harmonic resonance with all that is, actualize your full sovereignty, and revitalize your body, mind, and soul. 

Join Chloë for a life-changing 7-week journey of joyful self-discovery and personal transformation, where you’ll explore the depth of your inner world, discover your authentic vocal identity, and gain the tools you need to express your true self with confidence, clarity, and compassion.

For more information and registration details click here.

10 June 2023

Discover Your Authentic Voice

The Isbourne Centre, Cheltenham, UK

This workshop is an amazing opportunity to allow you to discover your own true sound giving you tools to express yourself and connect with others more effectively in an enjoyable and satisfying way. This workshop is free with a suggested donation of £5. Click here to register as places are limited.

16 June 2023

Voicelines with Chloë

Zoom Online

For Consultation or Evolve bookings and voiceline information please click here and email

24 June 2023

Singing Field - Sounding A New Earth

Sawyer Hall, Nailsworth, Gloucestershire, UK

NOW is the time to embody your authentic voice as a super-power of confidence, creativity and courage. The Singing Field is an all-inclusive, deep listening ground, where diverse individuals can meet to share their longing and belonging together, through the expression of wild prayer, love song, sacred mantra, and soulful poetry. Click here for more information and bookings.

27 June 2023

Voicelines with Chloë

Zoom Online

For Consultation or Evolve bookings and voiceline information please click here and email

2 - 8 July 2023

Waves of Love: The Healing Music of the Spheres

Chartres, France

This pilgrimage will invite us to contemplate the cosmos as a divine work of beauty and how the sounds of the cosmos can heal, inspire and transform. Join us in Chartres to explore the healing power of what the philosopher Pythagoras called the “music of the spheres” on our psyches and destinies as we collectively heal through music and sound therapies, reflective time in the cathedral, shared dreams, walking the labyrinth, and dancing the patterns & rhythms of the cosmos. 

Click here for more information and bookings.

14 July 2023

Voicelines with Chloë

Zoom Online

For Consultation or Evolve bookings and voiceline information please click here and email

4-6 August 2023

The Shine Seminars Summer Celebration

Westbury-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, UK

The Shine Seminars is hosting a very special gathering of Wayshowers, Life Alchemists & Wisdom Keepers in the beautiful setting of Westbury on Severn. 45+ Speakers & Practitioners, including Chloe, will be running multiple talks & workshops. With an emphasis on Sovereignty, Health/Wellbeing & Conscious Co-Creating, this celebration is for all those holding space for the Organic Human Blueprint - New Earth and Positive Timelines.

Click here for more information and bookings.

21 August 2023 - October 2024

Sacred Sound Healer Training Program

Online Training with The Shift Network

Immerse yourself in a year of sound-healing wisdom from the world’s celebrated sound healers including Chloe — and develop the practical skills, tools, and techniques you need to deepen your healing path, facilitate spiritual awakenings, and transform your life. 

Click here for more information and registration details.

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