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Living Presence: A Community of Sound

An Online Ongoing Membership

***Now updated with new membership levels from January 2023***

We invite you to co-create this sonorous, pioneering, collaborative, deep listening field: Living Presence – A Community of Sound. Living Presence is an experiential laboratory for new sound research, providing a new focus on the medicinal nature and power of the human voice to heal the heart and soul. Music, mode and mood is accessible to all, it is the human and non-human expression of things: it ignites the spirit of the individual. No longer are you to be lost or overlooked by institutionalised or performance-driven music education methods, but you are invited to be here, with the sound and the silence of your origin. 


Click here for more detailed information & membership levels: Community, Catalyst & Co-Creator.

Participants can join this ongoing membership at any time and join an inspiring, international community.


To watch a sample recording and get a sense of how a session might unfold please click here.

9 December 2023

Awaken Your Naked Voice - Transform Your Life through Sound with Your Musical Mind: Empower Your Life

Sawyer Hall, Nailsworth, Gloucestershire, UK

A 3-part journey with Chloë Goodchild. In this third session, we are going to explore how Embodying and Expressing your naked voice inevitably leads to Empowering your Life. Contrary to what your academic education system would have you believe, the feelings arising from your intuition sourced from your soul, inevitably energise and empower you to anchor, stabilise and embody truth from a depth of living presence and a chemistry of being, that empowers your very own authentic language of Love, spoken, sung and silent. 

We will focus our attention on Standing in the Presence an empowering practice that transforms our relationship with life. Please note you can book for 1, 2 or all 3 parts of this journey. Everyone is welcome! Click here for more information and bookings.

10 December 2023

The Shine Seminars - Our Invisible Power

Tisbury, Wiltshire, UK

The Shine Seminars returns with a one day special event exploring some of the amazing powers we have as living beings, but also the power of our environment and the wider systems we live in. The speakers, including Chloe, will disseminate their vast experience and knowledge, sharing their expertise to allow us to make better decisions and move forward with more grace and ease. This event will give the attendees a broader canvas with which utilise their innate physical powers, sharing Mother Natures abundant gifts and also an insight into how the system can be navigated by breaking the illusion of systems "rules".

Click here for more information and bookings.

11 December 2023

Intro Event: Join Chloë Goodchild for a grads-only journey into Voice Wisdom

Online: 5pm GMT/12pm Eastern Time/9am Pacific Time

Presentation and Q&A with Chloë to find out more about her upcoming 12 week course. Chloë will share a new immersive Practice of the Presence with you. Together, we’ll engage in a potent energy movement, empowering you to experience your self as a Unified Field of Sound anchored in unconditional Loving Presence. This In-Depth Course is available for anyone who has previously taken one of Chloe's Shift Network online courses. 

Click here to take you directly into the zoom call.

13 December 2023

Voicelines with Chloë

Zoom Online

For Consultation or Evolve bookings and voiceline information please click here and email

1 January 2024

The Life Changes Show

Radio & Online

Chloë will be a guest on The Life Changes Show at 7pm Pacific Time (3am in the UK on 2 January). You can listen live or find the recording later here.

9 January 2024

Embody Your Voice Wisdom:

Strengthen Your True Vocal Expression for Enhanced Healing, Self-Compassion & Joy


Join Chloë in the new year for a special new online course for those who have previously taken one of her Shift Network courses. More information to follow in the coming weeks...

26-30 May 2024

Sound Wisdom: Discover the Healing Power of Sound Within You

Hawkwood College, Gloucestershire, UK

Come with us on a journey into the secret heart of your unique sound. Discover new ways to hear and express your truth, with confidence, courage and presence. Discover your voice as a spiritual practice. Your authentic voice is the muscle and messenger of your soul, your most intimate friend. In this in-depth residential retreat you will learn to listen and to express yourself effortlessly, naturally and spontaneously in ways you never imagined possible. Everyone is welcome, newcomers and committed practitioners alike! Earlybird pricing available until 5pm on Sunday 3rd March. Click here for more information and bookings.

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