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Which Course? An Overview

The Naked Voice is a dynamic Evolutionary Field of practitioners exploring the transformative power of sound for creative health and well-being. We offer a range of courses from one-to-one sessions and small groups, to introductory one day/weekend workshops, in-depth residential retreats, facilitator trainings and large scale choral trainings.


The One-to-One Session or Voiceline

If you are interested to build more confidence and express yourself in new ways through your voice, then a private online 1-1 session is a great way to start. A session can last from 30 mins to one hour. It can be really fun, even life-changing. Please click here for more information.

The Naked Voice Online Classes

Our new Online Courses give you a unique opportunity to access the true potential, authenticity, passion and power of your voice. You can progress at a pace that suits you, and these courses provide you with the essential vocal skills to hear yourself, to express your truth, and to walk your talk creatively, courageously and compassionately. To find out more click here.

Living Presence - A Community of Sound

We welcome you into this collaborative, evolutionary listening field, providing a new focus on the medicinal nature and power of the human voice to heal the heart and soul. We invite you to be here, with the sound and the silence of your origin. Join Chloe for monthly online sessions plus bonus sessions led by Naked Voice Facilitators. To join Living Presence please select one of the monthly payments plans available. Click here for more details.

The Introductory One Day or Weekend Workshop

This introductory Naked Voice workshop, is a joyous way to explore your voice in the supportive presence of other vocal allies. Your NV facilitator will introduce you to spontaneous and structured vocal exercises to deepen concentration and open the heart. You will find yourself sounding and singing in ways you never imagined possible. For upcoming workshops click here.

The In-Depth Naked Voice Retreats (4-7 days)

These retreats take you into a much deeper experience of your whole voice. Self-inquiry and the central question of “Who is singing?” is at the heart of the retreat. You will embark upon a transformative journey that dissolves self-consciousness as you discover new ways to listen to yourself without judgement. These pioneering practices integrate sound and energy movement, empowering you to express the music of your soul. You will leave with new communication skills to build a more compassionate life.

The Naked Voice Facilitator Training – A Vocation: A Three Stage Process

Whether you are looking to change career, or to bring new communication skills into your workplace or home, then the NV Facilitator Training offers a guided learning environment for you. For more details about the Naked Voice Facilitator training programme click here.

NV Consultancy and Performance

Chloe is available as a consultant in the workplace to teach the Naked Voice methodology and to explore specific themes such as conflict resolution, leadership, community building, and mediation.

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