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Living Presence is a transformative meeting place for self-discovery and a deeper listening to the wisdom capacities of the human voice.



We welcome you into this collaborative, evolutionary listening field, providing a new focus on the medicinal nature and power of the human voice to heal the heart and soul. Music, mode and mood is accessible to all, it is the human and non-human expression of things: it ignites the spirit of the individual. No longer are you to be lost or overlooked by institutionalised or performance-driven music education methods, but you are invited to be here, with the sound and the silence of your origin. 

To join Living Presence please select one of the monthly payments plans below...and continue to read further below for more details.

If you would like to join the Living Presence for one session to see if it is the right community and experience for you please contact us at and we can arrange for you to join the next session in exchange for a donation.

"What I find most nourishing and striking about the Living Presence is the maturity of the listening field and the joyful participation all the members bring both in and outside of the live sessions. Chloë guides and shows us constantly how to deepen our capacity to really listen, with compassion and without judgment to every voice. Thank you for this place."
Miranda Bungey, Living Presence participant

Choose your Living Presence membership

  • Community Member

    Every month
    • Monthly live online sessions with Chloë
    • Ongoing session recordings
    • Frequent Facilitator-led bonus sessions
    • Access to 2023 session recordings
  • Catalyst

    Every month
    • Monthly live online sessions with Chloë
    • Ongoing session recordings
    • Frequent Facilitator-led bonus sessions
    • Access to 2022 & 2023 session recordings
    • Access to 2021 musical modes course content
  • Co-Creator

    Every month
    • Monthly live online sessions with Chloë
    • Ongoing session recordings
    • Frequent Facilitator-led bonus sessions
    • Access to 2022 & 2023 session recordings
    • Access to 2021 musical modes course content
    • Access to quarterly 'Mystery class' with Chloe

An Ongoing Membership of Living Presence

What you will get:

  • A 2-hour online session with Chloe every first Wednesday of the month, 6-8pm (UK time)

  • Access to the recording is viewable thereafter

  • Invitation to Living Presence pop-up events and bonus mid-month sessions

  • Access to a private Living Presence Telegram group to communicate with other members

  • Creative and collaborative input into an inspiring, international community

  • An opportunity to bring your full presence into the field as it shapes, grows, and glows!

  • Access to all the session recordings from 2023

  • Access to all the session recordings from 2022 (Catalysts & Co-Creators only)

  • Access to the Living Presence Musical Modes course material from 2021 (Catalysts & Co-Creators only)

  • Access to quarterly 'Mystery class' with Chloe (Co-Creators only)

Living Presence is an experiential sound community, focusing on the transforming power of the human voice to open the heart and soul.

Humanity is at a new fork in the road in which courageous, true and compassionate communication is called for in all realms, local and global. Living Presence is an interactive and all-inclusive field, anchored in unconditional loving presence. The voice and sound healing practices interweave spoken, sung and silent voicework, inspired by the Naked Voice teachings founded by Chloe Goodchild in 1990. They are simple and accessible, fierce and gentle, and a whole lot of fun! These voice healing practices empower you to access your authentic voice and restore the spirit of well-being in your life. Here, you will meet other vocal allies who will support your unique soul-journey in the awareness We are One. Come with us on this quest and give your voice to Truth.

  • Listening practices to expand your auditory consciousness and hear yourself, and others, beyond negative judgment

  • Authentic vocal expression inspired by the vibration, energy and frequencies of your soul

  • Energy movement empowering you to embody your voice, naturally, effortlessly and spontaneously

  • Confidence in sharing your spoken, poetic and sung voice

  • Self-Inquiry skills to strengthen your self-observing mind

  • Sound-healing tools to calm your nervous system, strengthen heart-brain coherence, and support cell vitality

  • A repertoire of songs, sourced from your life experience

  • A morphosonic field from the co-creation of harmonic resonance

  • The wonder that arises from a shared Wisdom of Oneness

As a practitioner of Living Presence, we invite your commitment to:

  • Listen with new ears beyond judgment, separateness & fear

  • Explore sound as the ground of consciousness

  • Enter into a shared spirit of enquiry with yourself and others

  • Allow the transforming power of silence to guide & lead you

  • Open to the unexpected

  • Trust the vulnerability of your soul

  • Actively support one another’s expression

  • Speak, sing, and live truthfully

This is both a sacred art form as well as a spiritual practice. 


Outside of time and on-going, we will co-create a morphosonic field of listening and expression together, inspired by the The Naked Voice philosophy, principles and practices, to discover how your voice can liberate a new harmonic resonance from within, through the triadic alchemy of the egoic mind in service to your soul and spirit: and ultimately, in service of the generation we are flowing into at this time on earth.

In the spirit of human friendship, we invite you to:

  • Move beyond old rules and narratives in your life.

  • Replace instability with inner-stability

  • Witness yourself and others with clarity of heart

  • Enjoy courageous conversations

  • Celebrate one another’s discoveries

  • Trust the unexpected wisdom of the Now

  • Share life-giving words, insights, dreams, reflections

  • Speak clearly and honestly

  • Be present in the moment


“I have never experienced this ability to effortlessly generate such a range and depth of human feeling and expression with such spontaneity, courage, and compassion. Chloë is dedicated to recovering the wisdom of the human spirit, in a way that is profound and unique for our times.”

Scilla Elworthy, PhD, Niwano Peace Prize winner and Nobel Peace Prize nominee
Your Welcome

This membership welcomes all, whether you have worked with Chloe before, or not. However, it is not for the faint-hearted. We encourage you to prepare by reading Chloe’s book, and studying her “Your Naked Voice – Transform your Life through the Power of Sound”. As well as studying her Introductory Training which you can access from here.

Practical Information

Live sessions will be hosted on Zoom, recorded and available to you to watch thereafter.

We meet on the first Wednesday* of every month, 6.00 pm – 8.00 pm (UK time)

NEW Main Session Dates for 2024:

Jan 3 ~ Feb 7 ~ Mar 6 ~ Apr 3 ~ May 1 ~ Jun 5 ~ Jul 3 ~ Aug 7 ~ Sep 4 ~ Oct 2 ~ Nov 6 ~ Dec 4

Facilitator-led mid-month bonus sessions for 2024: Throughout the year - dates to be confirmed

Quarterly 'Mystery class' dates for 2024 (Co-Creators only): Apr 17 ~ Jun 12 ~ Sep 18 ~ Dec 18


Recordings and other content will be accessed by member-only pages on this website

Memberships are paid on a monthly basis.

Refunds are not available. Cancellation is possible at any time.

"I was in bliss after that evening and the next day really felt so enthralling.  This is such a loving offering.  Thank you for making it available."
Gena Lumbroso, Living Presence participant
“A spectacular genius… Chloë’s subtle voice work opens the heart. She is a spectacular genius of this teaching art. She is at the core of a fascinating phenomenon that is allowing individuals to find their truth and freedom through the creative process of voice and sound.”
Coleman Barks, author of Rumi: Soul Fury
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