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Please check out some of Chloe's recent media appearances:


Sound Healing Summit 2023 - Discover the Self-Transforming Power of Your Musical Mind with guest host John Stuart Reid audio video

This interview is part of the Sound Healing Summit: a free online event. For more information, please visit This recording is a copyright of The Shift Network. All rights reserved.

Awaken Your Voice Summit (2023) - Chloe interviewed by Rush Dorsett

You can still sign up to the summit and access all the recordings here

Conscious Planet Series with co-host Jude Currivan: Voicing Innate Intelligence

The Poetisphere: Deeper Well-Dwellers with Colin Goedecke

To join The Poetisphere you can use the discount code SOULSINGER for 42% off monthly and annual memberships.

The Life Changes Show - A Voice for Compassion, Chloe Goodchild

Women In Service To Love And Life - Unity Earth TV

Deep Dialogues 'Sounding A New Earth' with Stewart Pearce

The Shine Seminars Celebration - Your Voice As Healer


The Aramaic Jesus and the Naked Voice with Neil Douglas-Klotz

Sound Healing Summit 2022 - Giving Voice to Truth

Embracing Your Mortality Podcast with Sue Brayne

Midnight, On Earth Podcast with Jake Weaver - Episode 091

10 Best Spiritual Books with Sandie Sedgbeer


Global Coherence Pulse Solstice 2021

The Power of the Human Voice with I Am Sound

Saturday Night Alive: Living in the Current of Your Purpose with The Global Peace Tribe


Your Music, Your Way with Daniel Barber

Deep Dialogues Ep 1 with Stewart Pearce


Paradigm Shifters with Veronica Entwistle

Own Your Voice Summit (2019) - Chloe interviewed by Rush Dorsett

The Mind Body Spirit Network - Letting Go of Emotions



The Voice of Silence with Conscious TV

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