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Ireland & UK

I would love to help you find your Voice through the Naked Voice having fun, as I did whilst finding mine.

The central tenet of my work is personal empowerment. I offer the accumulated experiences of 40+ years study and self-exploration. I qualified as a practitioner of Zen and of Healing shiatsu, a Scaravelli yoga tutor and teacher trainer and in Sound Healing.

The Naked Voice and its practices, that integrate mind body and spirit, drew all the threads of my experience and knowledge together. They brought me to The Voice as well as integrating sound, sound breath, vibrational & resonant breath, the cosmic wobble and the undulation of the spine.

Always curious, my passion for and deep intuitive understanding of the whole Being grew out of many years exploring the yoga gateway positions of lying, sitting and standing. So many insights gained into the subtleties of movement and alignment, the breath, sound and the flow of energy.

I look forward to working together and sharing my love of this work with you.

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