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Thy Will Be Done

3 Contemplative Christian Chants


I am delighted and honoured to bring you these new extended vocal meditations, from my new Devotional Music Compilations SeriesEach album highlights three or four of my most treasured musical offerings sacred prayers, chants, mantras, vocal medicine inspired by a direct experience of the sound and spiritual philosophy of mystical and wisdom lineages worldwide. These new extended versions of the originals, provide you with a much more in-depth opportunity to listen, to absorb and to actively participate - as inspired. Enjoy these unique music meditations providing you with an uplifting entry into silent meditation, restoring harmony and stillness, through this original healing power of devotional sound and silence.


Thy Will Be Done Tracklist

1. Kyrie (14:31)

2. Ave Maria (12:15)

3. Thy Will/Jaya Bhagavan (16:50)


These three devotional chants are amongst my earliest vocal contemplative improvisations inspired by William Byrd’s “Kyrie” (Lord have Mercy), Caccini’s “Ave Maria” (Hail Mary) and “Thy Will Be Done / Jaya Bhagavan” (Praise, Oh Great One), an ancient devotional chant that my Indian spiritual teacher Anandamayi used to sing ecstatically, with thousands in India. I was inspired by the deep mystery of its melody line – especially when sung slowly - and soon found myself singing it with Christ’s prayer, “Thy Will Be Done” which is my daily mantra, since a child. The recording opens with these words, which are replaced later, with Anandamayi’s “Jaya Bhagavan”. I have used the simplest instrumental accompaniment, so as not to disturb your meditation to accentuate and encourage you to either listen to each prayer allowing you to enter a deep state of listening and inner stillness; or to join in, and find your own devotional sound within this field of musical contemplation.

Thy Will Be Done (Download)

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