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This three-part sound meditation journey brings you three accessible, empowering voice and sound practices. With positive intention and repetition, they will restore self-confidence in your voice and with that, an aliveness in every cell of your body heart and mind. Enjoy relaxing and absorbing, or, directly participating in these three inter-dependent sound meditation tracks. You can either focus on one alone, by pressing the replay button. Or, you can nourish yourself by surrendering to the whole journey, as each sound meditation brings you more deeply home to the Source of your Being. The ‘Musical Octave Meditation’ album offers a profound and tender vocal opportunity to experience and liberate the authentic sound of your soul.
Track 1) AUM: The Sound of Oneness – Listen to and join this multi-faceted sound of Oneness or AUM. AUM is the infinite sound of the universe. Chloe’s choral voices interweave with strings in such way as you can participate and sing along, or simply relax and absorb the healing sound of Oneness. This track is short enough to play and ground yourself, either, at the start of a full day at work; or as a way to relax, just before sleeping at night. It is also long enough to give you the space and time to sound the AUM in your own timing, as inspired. When practiced over an extended period of time, the AUM can ignite a state of inner freedom, or, “turiya” – a total release from separateness and fear, awakening deep inner peace, self acceptance, reverence for all life. You may want to practice alone, or its fun to share the Sound of Oneness with your children, family, friends, or working partners.
Track 2) Sounding the Octave 1 – Embody Your Voice Practice – Explore these ancient chakra sounds to liberate eight energy centres in your body, from the root to the crown. SA (root) RE (pelvis) GA (solar plexus) MA (heart) PA (throat) DHA (Forehead, Pineal Gland), NI (Back of head), SA (Crown). This potent sonic practice empowers you to embody your voice as a mouthpiece for spirit, and a medicine for your soul. Follow and join Chloe’s voice as she sings simple phrases, back and forth, with mantra sounds – words of spiritual power – that both energise and calm your nervous system, nourishing and revitalising every vibrating cell in your body heart and mind. As your confidence in your voice increases, your devotional heart will open as you express yourself more spontaneously, joyously and effortlessly. Chloe also introduces you to a specific poem at each musical chakra point (energy wheel). This wakes up your poetic imagination too, as you embody your own unique voice. Stand by for an energising vocal experience!
Track 3) Sounding the Octave 2 – A Sound Empowerment Practice – Enjoy this more rigorous call-and-refrain vocal experience with Chloe. Discover this simple South Indian vocal practice – ascending and descending – called “Maya Malava Gowla”. You will strengthen self-confidence as you simply let go and discover your natural capacity to sound, from the root to the crown, with ease, joy and pleasure. As this dynamic musical practice resonates within you – by-passing your rational mind and speeding up your heart rate – you will start to awaken to the transforming power of your sound at a whole new level. This practice enables your whole body-field to vibrate with new energy as inspired by the harmonic resonance of your soul. The eight sacred chakra sounds are portals capable of catalysing higher frequencies of awareness. Chloe calls these eight sounds the ’Octave of Consciousness’.


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Please note if you were a participant of the 2018 Shift Network Liberate the Voice of Your Soul Immersion online course then these downloads were already freely offered to you under different track names.

Musical Octave Meditation (Download)

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