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Contemporary Devotion (originally called “The Naked Voice”) is Chloe’s first CD album recorded in Bristol, UK in 1993. Contemporary Devotion is a celebration of Chloe’s early musical experiments unifying her mystical devotion with a wild musical soul. For this purpose Chloe invited a rich world music ensemble of world class musicians to join her in this uplifting musical odyssey.


In Contemporary Devotion, Chloe’s ecstatic vocals integrate timelessness with precision, free improvisation with simple folk song style, celebration with lamentation; and all with an impassioned flow that returns to a pure harmonic resonance leading you into moments of profound stillness. This album communicates a wide range of feeling as the voice soars into the heights, surrenders and falls into the depths, enters a state of presence, and moves on. Chloe’s original lyrics express the questioning soul as it reaches into realms beyond the hum drum of everyday life, to restore and heal the heart through spoken song, humour and an infectious light-heartedness that is her original spirit song.


Contemporary Devotion embraces a buoyant spirit of sound, establised by the original rhythmic textures of Japanese master percussionist, Joshi Hirota, alongside kit drummer, Simon Gore; the free upbeat and melifluous jazz melodies of acclaimed saxophonist Ed Jones; the subtle joyous keyboards and bass lines of William Goodchild; the magical touch of guitarist Nick Pullin, and much more.


Chloe’s voice has been shaped, empowered and transformed by her East West journey. Her Western classical music upbringing, inspired a love of choral polyphony, and acapella harmonies, evolving into a life-long exploration of the healing power of sound. Her anthems, chants and songs are informed by her love of Indian raga, Byzantine music, contemporary sacred choral music, and years exploring the human voice as a catalyst for meditation, healing, and sound wisdom.


Contemporary Devotion Tracklist:

1. The Naked Voice

2. Sheer Joy

3. You

4. The Voice Inside

5. Devi

6. Who Is Looking?

7. The River

8. My Boat Has Struck

9. Freedom

10. The Voice Inside (Remix)


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Contemporary Devotion (Download)

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