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São Paulo, Brazil

You are The Speaker and The Singer,
You are The Creator of your life.
Trauma, depression, fear, loneliness...
You are The Healer!
It is possible to transform your life if you choose to do so;

Singer, artist, Naked Voice facilitator and trainee at the school of The Uncovering the Voice, I am here to accompany you on this journey of awakening and transformation.

I grew up in France, I performed on stage in Canada, I discovered myself in The UK studying with Chloë Goodchild. I shared my truth, love, creativity and the power of sounds in schools through Latin America being guided by "THE" something higher. Today I am based in Brazil, living and working with horses where I practice the art of listening and singing to inspire children, parents, educators, therapists and the corporate world.

I believe in a better world filled with authentic people singing their heart out!
Welcome to The Singing Field!

+55 11 96477 6740

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