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Meath, Ireland

The Naked Voice is an unconditionally loving space for you to come home to yourself. Through connecting with the voice in this loving community, you can reclaim yourself from any experience of separateness or wounding. With your own voice you can call yourself home.

This has been my own experience working with the Naked Voice. For over 15 years I have been exploring how sound and music, and in particular our own voice, can be the most valuable tool and catalyst for our own growth and healing. I work especially connecting with nature, with a shamanic awareness of the journey of the soul, and with the power of deep listening. It is one of my great joys to support people to connect with and explore their voice, and to witness the beauty and magic that live within us all. Whether you want to expand your creative potential, connect with your own inner divinity, or simply reconnect with a voice that has been silenced, I would love to hold space for you on that journey.

+353 (0)87 6661927

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