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Turning to Gold

Music Inspired by Kabir with Chloe Goodchild, Andrew Harvey and Nicholas Twilley


Three great friends—Chloe Goodchild, Andrew Harvey, and Nicholas Twilley—met in a recording studio in Bristol. Out of their passion and communion was born this feast of Kabir’s most radiant and challenging poetry. This work is dedicated to all lovers of truth and to the birth of an embodied divine humanity whose pioneer, Kabir, remains the master of the process of engoldenment—the divinization of the whole being.


Kabir sang his songs in ecstasy and others collected them. It is the time to listen to his absolutely truthful visions of what is required for humanity to be utterly transformed.


Turning To Gold Tracklist:

01 Unshadowed God, 31:40

02 Mad Dog, 10:26

03 Naked, 34:56

Turning to Gold (Download)

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