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Daily Vocal Practice with 6 of the Musical Modes.

A 60 Minute Audio-Recording.


Originally named after ancient Greek tribal communities, these musical modes take you on a journey through 6 different musical scales, each one evoking a different emotional ‘mood’ that gradually awakens you - through your voice – to the ‘inner music’ of your soul.


  • IONIAN (Major ‘happy’ scale)
  • AEOLIAN (Minor ‘sad’ scale)


These 6 ascending–descending call-and-refrain modal patterns, are in 2 parts - with and without percussion respectively. You can choose which you prefer. They enable you to familiarise yourself with your singing voice, with the support of these safe and simple, ascending-descending musical scales, at different speeds. Discover as you rise and fall with each musical mode, the ease of expressing your voice, supported by the Indian mantric sounds (in place of ‘doh’,‘re’,’mi’) as follows:


SA (root) RE (pelvis) GA (solar plexus) MA (heart) PA (throat) DHA (pineal) NI (back of head) SA (crown).


Modal Awareness offers initial vocal tools with which to place and pitch your voice, ultimately for a richer, deeper, more sensual,  subtle and creative relationship with your voice and landscape of your soul, through sound – spoken and sung.


Modal Awareness Tracklist:

Part 1 - With Percussion

1. Ionian Mode

2. Dorian Mode

3. Phrygian Mode

4. Lydian Mode

5. Mixolydian Mode

6. Aeolian Mode

Part 2 - No Percussion

7. Ionian Mode

8. Dorian Mode

9. Phrygian Mode

10. Lydian Mode

11. Mixolydian Mode

12. Aeolian Mode


Go to the Listening Room for some audio clips

Modal Awareness (Download)

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