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Love Your Self

Songs of the Self


I am delighted and honoured to bring you these new extended vocal meditations, from my new Devotional Music Compilations SeriesEach album highlights three or four of my most treasured musical offerings sacred prayers, chants, mantras, vocal medicine inspired by a direct experience of the sound and spiritual philosophy of mystical and wisdom lineages worldwide. These new extended versions of the originals, provide you with a much more in-depth opportunity to listen, to absorb and to actively participate - as inspired. Enjoy these unique music meditations providing you with an uplifting entry into silent meditation, restoring harmony and stillness, through this original healing power of devotional sound and silence.


Love Your Self Tracklist

1. One Look From You (9:57)

2. Self Inside Self (13:46)

3. How I Love You (15:01)

4. There Is A Place (9:43)


These contemporary musical offerings – inspired by mystical poetry - introduce you to four simple ways to reflect on the nature of human-divine Love, within you.


One Look From You is based on a Rumi poem inviting you to connect with your deep Self as God, Totality, Spirit, Presence. By repeating the words One Look from You and I’m seeing You in All things, those eyes in which all things live and burn, invite you to transform the way you see the world around you, from being a material or mechanistic form, to being an expression of the universal spirit of Life.


Self Inside Self is another mystical poem, inviting you to embrace the cyclical, self-renewing and eternal nature of all Life.


How I Love You is the ultimate love song whose irresistible lyrics encourage you to fall in love, and accept who you truly are, without judgement, fear, or game-playing. This simple descending melody line enables absolutely all and everyone to remember who we are and why we are here.


There Is A Place, is a simple devotional chant, which when sung from the centre of the chest invites you to be real, and to face your Self exactly as you are, without any resistance to the path that calls you Home to who you truly are. Enjoy singing these contemplative conversations, which invite you – through the devotional song of your soul – to dive deep into a direct and uncompromised relationship with your Self.

Love Your Self (Download)

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