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Shintaido (New Body Way) is a modern movement system based on traditional Japanese martial arts but with the emphasis on self-development and artistic expression rather than self-defence. Its origins lie principally in karate and sword technique.


Author of this booklet, and Shintaido Master, Masashi Minagawa, has worked with The Naked Voice for many years, introducing the energy movement practices that are integral to The Naked Voice experience. This booklet is essential reading for Naked Voice trainees and practitioners.


About this digital (pdf) booklet

After a short introduction, and a description of some warming up exercises, the booklet explores in some detail the three pillars of Shintaido: Eiko, Tenshingoso and Wakame Taiso. It then presents two recent kata (or series of movements). The first one is called Taimyo, created by Master Aoki during the 1990’s. The second is Diamond 8 Cut, a recent kata designed by Master Minagawa. This booklet, however, provides an excellent aide-memoire for people wanting to study these katas further. 

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Introduction to Shintaido (PDF Download)

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