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Fierce Wisdom is a profound musical journey bringing together Chloe’s gentle-fierce, solo-polyphonic vocals with a superb ensemble of world musicians, interweaving saxophone, violin, percussion, bass clarinets, guitars, cello, piano and electric keyboards. Together they create a landscape of sound spanning a wide field of human feeling, from serenity to sensual longing, from contemporary devotion to impassioned wild joy, and all with a contemporary devotion and an instrumental dynamism, that arrests the heart.


Fierce Wisdom is a response to the naked voice of individuals, communities, countries and our global village for the return of peace, honour, and respect for all living beings, inspired by invocations to the divine feminine, ecstatic chants and love poetry, spontaneous improvisations, and hymns celebrating this magnificent Earth.


Fierce Wisdom Tracklist

1. Invocation - Mahamaya

2. Jars of Spring Water

3. Om Tara

4. Seven Petalled Lotus Ladder

5. There is Some Kiss

6. One Self

7. Waking Up - Improvisation

8. Jars of Spring Water (Reprise)

9. Gaia - Hymn to The Earth

10. Durga

11. AUM

12. Sri Ma

13. Heart Sutra

14. Only Breath

15. Naked in Our Song

16. How I Love You

17. Both at the Same Time

18. Homage Ananda Mayi

19. Celebration - "Holy Smoke" film soundtrack

20. Zero

21. There is Some Kiss (Piano Remix)


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Fierce Wisdom (CD)

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