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Rolf Billes - NV Facilitator Graduate
Singing Field by Chloe Goodchild
The Naked Voice - Singing Field: A Way of Transformation

Out beyond ideas of right and wrong doing
There is a field, a singing field, I'll meet you there

The Naked Voice is your authentic sound, as unique as your DNA or fingerprint. The Naked Voice, founded by Chloë Goodchild, is a pioneering way to explore the human voice as a source of self-discovery - individual and collective - linking to the most profound levels of human wisdom.

Are you ready to awaken your naked voice and express your truth?

If so, you will find here a rich and diverse network of trained Naked Voice Facilitator Graduates to work with, in person or online. Chloë

and her facilitator team offer 1-1 voicelines to suit your particular

level of experience and provide guidance with how best to proceed. 

The Naked Voice method is now shared by a global community, enabling thousands of people to recover their own true voice – spoken & sung – as a metaphor for harmonious and conscious living. The Naked Voice experience is life-changing, and accessible to everyone! 

Working with your voice in this way inspires a quality of health and well being that is rooted in a practice of deep stillness, non-judgemental listening & energy movement. Finding your authentic voice is everyone’s birthright. No matter whether you are seeking tools for emotional honesty, healing relationships, courageous conversations, or peace of mind, the Naked Voice is an effective way to express your truth with compassion. 

To start working with The Naked Voice practices immediately you can purchase

these resources and join our Living Presence Online Community: 

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