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Nine ways of exploring wholeness, transformation and presence, through the practices of the Naked Voice as experienced by each different facilitator.

Structure: 5 weeks online course, 2 hours per week. 2 facilitators each session (more details below)

Dates: 26 April, 3, 10, 17, 24 May 2022

Times of session: 5-7pm UK time (British Summer Time) - sessions will be recorded for you to watch if you can't make the live session

Payment: Pay from the heart: £75 (supported), £115 (standard) or £150 (supporter)

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Week 1: Tuesday 26th April

Session 1 - Interior Time with Vivienne Crighton (

Explore the sacred wisdom of the inner soundscape with poetry as a portal and key to unlocking the language of our soul, our creative potential and unique expression.

We will experience the medicine of poetry as a form of self- inquiry as to “who am I?”

With conscious awareness of breath, body, stillness…movement and sound.

An invitation for us to create our unique vocal self-portrait as we sound a new world into being.

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Session 2 - Sounds of Divine Mothers with Lucia Guerin (

The 16 Divine Mothers - sounds of the throat chakra. We will focus on the sounds, articulation and feeling of the vowel sounds of the Divine Mothers, especially the first five which connect to the five elements.

Experience through voice and deep listening the connection between the sanskrit vowel sounds and our essential nature, the elements that we are all composed of - earth, water, fire, air and space.

Connecting to the sanskrit vowel sounds we will discover the root of the bija mantras (seven chakra mantra).

Week 2: Tuesday 3rd May

Session 1 - Liberate the ‘Self inside Self’ with Rosabella Jordan (

Free your voice.  A full expression of Being. 

An invitation to an inner dance of spirals and waves, a subtle flow of movements of  body and spine and spirit.  With Music created in you by Silent sounding, Effortless breath and Sound-Vibration.  Discover in this dance inner stillness and the silence inside stillness, expanded self and deep connection to the Earth.  The luminosity, light and love that lie within us all, just waiting to be rediscovered.

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Session 2 - Healing Voice and Somatic Awareness with Susan Israel Bensen 


An Exercise in Embodied Sounding: Integrating Voice and Subtle Somatic Awareness for Healing

Vowel chanting with some light movement to cultivate inner sensory awareness of sound, slowly shifting to an expressive, outer focus.

Week 3: Tuesday 10th May

Session 1 - Embodiment via FLOW & the Universal Note with Geeta Fjordbo (

Open up to more FLOW in yourself & Life by allowing sound, silence, intention and movement into old, stuck, frozen places to enable more Embodied living.

We will open up to going deep within using:

Stillness, Silence, Intention, Embodiment meditation.

Listening to ourselves and each other from a non-judgemental place.

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Session 2 - And Everyday Life Becomes Practice with Jackie Calderwood


Insights of Shining Light, Freedom & Creative Expression as the core practices of Shintaido and the Naked Voice meet in the moment of now.

Jackie will share a guided journey of spoken, sung and silent movement meditation, travelling through the Sounds of Love, Wakame and Tenshingoso.

Week 4: Tuesday 17th May

Session 1 - Sounding our Emotions with Rolf Billes (

In this session Rolf will demonstrate how our emotions can be the gateway to greater wholeness. The musical modes provide the homoeopathic remedy. No emotion is too scary to sound!

Emotions - we all feel them. Sometimes we are numb to them, at other times overwhelmed by them. Through our Naked Voice we can connect our moods with the musical modes and feel the difference!

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Session 2 - AUM: Coming Home to One Self with Suzanne Joy Green


Suzanne will share her explorations with Aum and the invitation it contains to join in the Cosmic Dance of Life.

We all know how to sound Aum or Om. But do we know what we are sounding? Now is always a good time to explore this seemingly simple chanting practice and discover what effect it can have when we invite the body to be the focus of our attention and intention.

Week 5: Tuesday 24th May

Session 1 - Connect within to the knowing of your heart with Christina Graham (

Quiet the mind with sound and movement practices, to allow your longings the space to arise from your heart

Knowing and honouring your heart’s desires is an act of sacred self love… in a world full of information and many suggestions, the active meditation of Naked Voice practices gives the sacred and divine gift of space, for your own heart’s voice to be heard.


Session 2 - Reflections on our Experience with Vivienne & Lucia

A closing session where we open a discussion with you…  on your experience, discoveries… your vocal portrait and address any outstanding questions.

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After you have completed your booking you will be sent an email with the Zoom link for the sessions.

Sessions will be recorded and stored on a password-protected page on this website. You will be sent an email to let you know when each recording has been made available, and how to access it.