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Northern Sealand, Denmark

I have long understood the importance for all BEings to feel loved, safe, seen, heard, felt, accepted unconditionally for ‘who they are’. The Singing Field IS that Field of safe HOMEcoming.

We have our Bodies and Voices with us all the time. Practices that enable us to empower our relationSHIP with Movement/Stillness and Sound/Silence are the most useful Paths to Healing. Sound and Vibration from one’s own Body and Voice deepen ALL dimensions of Healing.

Soul-making IS... melting the frozen, stuck energy of the Personality... to be able to live more Soul-infused lives. Naked Voice comes from Soul and invites us to express ‘who we are’ through the framework of Personality. Soul reaches out to us in different ways... by the Grace of God. I’d consider it a privilege to hold space for you as you reconnect with your Naked Voice.

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